New Sensor Motion VR?

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With the new 18-55 DX lense and the expected 70-300 to have versions without VR. It seems possible that a new DX camera with in body Image Stabilisation is on the way, say the D7500 ?

The IBIS as seen implemented in Olympus and Pentax etc has shown that it is possible to do so with almost equivalent success and add a handful of features not possible with lense VR. plus possibly a handful more that has not been implemented yet by anyone. If Nikon adds this function its only going to be positive !
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    I really, really doubt that Nikon will ever do IBIS: they are heavily concentrated into cost cutting on all fronts and IBIS doesn't fit that policy, unlike taking out VR from their low cost kit lenses, which does perfectly fit into that strategy. Putting a more advanced AF system in LV should top IBIS in their priority list, but to date that hasn't happened, and not showing up at NAB leads me to believe that they don't even care about putting that in a DSLR body anytime soon. Meanwhile Canon is catching up to Nikon in DR and has a huge lot of cheap, sharp APS-C zooms and primes plus a 17-55mm that totally outclasses Nikon's, and suddenly they have a 80D that looks like the D7200 I wished Nikon would have brought to market.
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    I remember reading somewhere about ibis and that it really only works well at short to medium ranges but was quite worse at longer ranges (where it's usually needed the most).

    The 70-300mm without vr is essentially worthless, especially when most buyers are bottom of the liners using these high res sensors and horrible technique but i'm sure they sell a lot and are used to help sell bundles. The vr version though is truly a bargain, yes it's soft at 300 but the af is pretty fast and snappy and on my d700 rarely misses a shot.. well that is until the new tripod I bought managed to break the lens and damage the camera and break another lens as well uggg

    As far as the canon lenses... I don't recall my canon lenses ever being very good unless you have L lenses, as a matter of fact my first version nikkor 18-200mm vr absolutely wiped the floor against my 5 canon lenses and that lens wasn't that great. Plus whether it matters or not, good luck using those aps-c lenses an a ff.

    The 80D over the d7200... lmfao.. to each his own! After downloading the 80D files I'd say it's IQ was more on par with a D90 but they're catching up!! lol

    I also see the 80D is selling so well that it's already heavily discounted but if it floats your boat.. have at it
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