Can you change the Autofocus type selection button from the button on the front left of the camera ?

NikoniserNikoniser Posts: 100Member
I am looking to change the Autofocus type selection button on my D810 and D7100. I am often balancing/steadying a telephoto lens with my left hand, and moving it is not optimal, is there a way to change from Single Point to 3D tracking to Group mode etc with the right hand only ?


  • manhattanboymanhattanboy Posts: 1,003Member
    You can assign one of the two right hand buttons on the D5/D500 to change the AF area mode as well as the joystick; you might be able to do it on the 810, but I do not think the 7100 has that function unless it was added a newly released firmware update. Just go into your custom assignments menu and look at the options.
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