D3300 video (AF-P 18-55 VR) where should I focus?

I was trying to rec video like that (hand tied bouquet technique):

But I have dilemma with focusing.

What is the best setting for such video rec and where should I focus - on hands?

Thanks you


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    I always set a Nikon DSLR up on a single focus point selection. You can always call the Nikon technical hot line @ 1-800-645-6687 and have a Nikon tech walk you thru that. I would in this video case select a roughly mid point for focus and take into account the subject. In this case the blooms or the flower features on the bouquet which is roughly the mid point of the bundle. That is about where the GO arrow is on your video at the start point. I do NOT leave the engineered multiple point focus selection which is the default on your D3300. The new D500 uses a toggle and as an alternative a touch screen focus feature to select the focus point in live view, both features may make it onto the D3400 or as probable the D3500 when the D3300 gets updated.
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    Watching the video...you have done a pretty good job of the video. In a couple of cases though there is no focus at all. Those should be edited out. I have to ask as a farmer.....what is the purpose of the spiky green stems around the bouquet. Sure doesn't add anything and I would lean towards presenting flowers arrangements they way they grow than to mix and twirl different plants?? My farming operation is pretty diverse.... And we have quite a few videos on U Tube, but staying in focus at least in one part of the frame I believe is pretty important.
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    The Red Roses Bouquet Video on your channel is SUPER! Was that done with a D3300???
    Very nice. A beautiful video with an awesome message!
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