"Eyesight" overlay in Lightroom/Photoshop

KillerbobKillerbob Posts: 732Member
Some time ago I saw a bunch of photos on someone else's Mac, I think it was in Lightroom, and he had an overlay which basically showed what your eyes were drawn to. Somehow it found in the colours how your eyes travelled throughout the photo, and showed you that path - I hope that makes sense. On every photo is was (of course) different, and it wasn't 100% correct, but it was obviously based on averages, and showed the editor what the general audience would look to first, and how their eyes would wander throughout the photo... Awesome.

Unfortunately I can't for the life of me find that functionality in Lightroom or Photoshop, and think it may have been a tool added to Adobe.

Does anyone in here know of such an overlay?


  • tganiatstganiats Posts: 131Member
    The only time I have seen this it was based on equipment than monitored peoples eyes when they viewed the photo...instead of predicting where a person would look. If there is such a prediction program it would be fun to see.
  • spraynprayspraynpray Posts: 6,545Moderator
    Part of learning to judge images is understanding composition and the way the eye travels through images. There are quite a few ways the eye can be made to travel around an image by careful composition and most successful images make use of this (by design or by accident). Could it be that you have seen something relating to this?
    Always learning.
  • KillerbobKillerbob Posts: 732Member
    Yes, it was an overlay which evaluated a photo/composition and drew the line which your eyes would normally travel.

    I will be meeting up with the guys who's Mac it was soon, and ask him.
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