D810 Auto ISO trouble

Hi, I'm new here, thank you for letting me join:)

I was so excited to try out the auto ISO feature on the d810. I entered my minimum shutter speed and maximum ISO but noticed that the shutter speed still dropped dangerously lower than what I entered. I've double checked it's all in there correct and it kept doing it. I was working a wedding so switched it off. Any ideas??

Thanks is advance!


  • NikoniserNikoniser Posts: 100Member
    I am assuming you are using Aperture priority and Auto ISO ? If the camera hits the maximum iso value it will drop the shutter speed.

    If that happens you will have to open up the aperture of the lens to let more light in.

    Its better to use manual mode with Auto iso :

  • bclarke508bclarke508 Posts: 2Member
    I thought I was in Manual though. I'd read it was better...I will have to check that again...thanks!
  • starralaznstarralazn Posts: 204Member
    I run into this issue at times. If you are shooting at night/low light, manual mode + auto iso makes sense so your shutter speed won't drop too low. However, if you're outside in the day time, or moving between indoors(with a fair amount of ambient light) and outdoors in the day time, aperture priority + auto iso should be okay most of the time. If you stick it in manual mode + auto iso, you may forget to increase/decrease the shutter speed if you're in a rush, whereas, most likely your set iso range for auto iso will probably be enough to handle the difference in exposure between outdoors and indoors(in this case)
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    I use this all the time at weddings ..if you go auto iso 200=6400 and min 1/30 then you will have no problem ..use A mode at f8 or 5.6 with AF-S and its all good .
    If its very dark then it will go to 6400 and go below 1/30 but I think you would have the flash on by then....the reason I go 200-6400 is because when you turn the flash on it goes to 800 iso which gives more range to your flash and I use an SB 400 close to the lens . For discos /first dance use P mode and never use flash
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  • nek4lifenek4life Posts: 123Member
    You can adjust the minimum shutter based on the lens you're using. I think it defaults to 1/FL but you can adjust it so it's 1 / 2xFL so when I put on a 50mm it is 1/100s my 105mm is 1/250s and so forth. I set it like this so I can handhold the 36mp better. I don't have the camera in front of me right now, but it's in the settings somewhere.
  • IronheartIronheart Posts: 3,017Moderator
    If you are in manual, the shutter speed will never change. If it does, send the camera in for service.
  • heartyfisherheartyfisher Posts: 3,186Member
    Ironheart said:

    If you are in manual, the shutter speed will never change. If it does, send the camera in for service.

    or tape the dials ;-)

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  • manhattanboymanhattanboy Posts: 1,003Member
    The camera probably has autoiso sensitivity control turned on. Adjust the settings to raise the minimum shutter speed or tun off the autoiso sensitivity control.
  • FreezeActionFreezeAction Posts: 905Member
    I've never had a problem with my D810 on auto ISO. It's the dang arena lights that need beefing up and cleaned.
  • framerframer Posts: 491Member
    I'm forever turning auto ISO on by accident. I now always double check it after changing an ISO setting.

  • PistnbrokePistnbroke Posts: 2,443Member
    just leave it on and change nothing ..why do you need to change ISO you got a computer to do it for you.
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