What is your job?



  • Nikonsince1974Nikonsince1974 Posts: 78Member
    Clinical Microbiologist to pay the bills, but always a photographer at heart
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  • vtc2002vtc2002 Posts: 364Member
    The 20th of next month will mark my 19th year as a photographer for National Geographic. For the past 4 years I have also worked part time as a guest lecturer/professor for two universities teaching advanced large and medium format film techniques.

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    Self-employed since 1985. (I think my boss hired the wrong guy. :smile: )

    Piano technician, freelance cartoonist, part-time BBQ caterer.
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  • dissentdissent Posts: 1,265Member
    Chemical technician for 40 years. Still a few years to go.

    I hope retirement is as much fun as they show on tv.
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  • paulrpaulr Posts: 1,170Member
    Dissent. I hope retirement is as much fun as they show on tv.

    When you get older your priorities change. Top of the list is Health, Its no good having a $1,000,000 in the bank. if you cannot walk 20 yards and have to stop because you are struggling to breath.
    I enjoy it because I can do photography for me, instead of having to work to a schedule. However I seem to be busier now that I have so called retired, rather than when I worked.
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  • ErikssonRobinErikssonRobin Posts: 28Member
    Construction - repairing industrial chimneys, probably stay 120-150 nights a year at hotels during work and then enjoy the rest of the years as paid holiday wherever one wants to be.
    Robin Eriksson
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  • rmprmp Posts: 504Member
    I retired from the computer/software industry in 1997. Since then I have been playing at owning two small businesses and photography. I avoid anything with real responsibility or a real schedule.
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  • Parke1953Parke1953 Posts: 455Member
    Rmp +1 on your last sentence. I avoid anything that has any kind of pressure attached to it. Schedule only if I want to and I don't. So far it's working. Oh one exception the WIFE. I know where my gear comes from. LOL.
  • picturetedpictureted Posts: 153Member
    Worked as a musician (blues and rock) before the Army got me. Picked up an SRT-101 in the Army and went on to freelance for a couple years while finishing college. Then finance (planning and cost) until I made it to CFO for a small manufacturer. On to financial consulting and now retirement. The only job I'd gladly repeat? Musician, of course. I almost continued professionally as a photographer and am very glad I didn't, it would have ruined a great hobby.
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  • One_Oh_FourOne_Oh_Four Posts: 70Member
    After High School compulsary army service, then traindriver for Dutch Railways, a stint in first-line management of same and now Railway traffic controller.
  • proudgeekproudgeek Posts: 1,422Member
    Used to be an options and futures trader, but thought I'd like to live into my 30s so gave it up. Became a writer in my late 20s and now own a consultancy that helps write and design websites for the financial services industry (I've been at that since the early 90s). I agreed to go work for my largest client about 5-6 years ago and although I'm still a contractor I feel very much like an employee, complete with 6-digit ID number. It's strange having gone from working for yourself for nearly 20 years to being one of 40,000.
  • dpidudedpidude Posts: 96Member
    I use to be a Professional Model, got my degree and worked in Account/Finance for 15 years. Working for Wall Street Banks, Healthcare and then in the Auto Industry. Moved to Account Management in the Auto Industry, did that for 15 years. During the crash I bought and now operate a Dairy Queen. Have an awesome Management team working for me so now I consider my self semi-retired. Pisses of my wife, she still works a regular job.
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  • RmologicRmologic Posts: 75Member
    I am a Stage Technician, Live and Corporate Theater, Trade shows and business meetings mostly, I have a passport and will travel. I toil so others can party. Show business = (over Glorified grunt work) I specialize in Large screen projection Large stacked, Warped and Blended images. I make other peoples images Big, Bright and Beautiful.
    I got hooked on photography and developing in Okinawa in 7th grade and have dabbled off and on with it for years. 3 years ago I decided I wanted to make my own images that I would be proud to show on my screens. My Wife and I like to travel. I bring my camera along,try to not fall too far behind and try to make images my wife says "Don't Suck" and when they are good enough she will let me hang on our walls. I visit here to learn and to have a second craft to be proud of. Good luck in your quest for better Gig!
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  • IanGIanG Posts: 79Member
    Golf007sd said:

    I have my own privet transportation company :smile:

    Now this interests me - do you transport 'Ligustrum Lucidum' (Glossy Privet) or only 'Ligustrum Vulgare' (Common Privet)?

    Did you have to pass tests, get a licence and all that?

    Please tell us more...
    Cameras, lenses and stuff. (I actually met someone once who had touched a real Leica lens cloth.)
  • MegapixelSchnitzelMegapixelSchnitzel Posts: 184Member
    Gunsmith/Armorer. Law enforcement. I get to quit with a check every month in a little over a year. Wife is a Supervising Forensic Investigator with same dept. and will continue working for a few more years... while I do a little "domestic engineering" and a whole lot of camera work from then on. Life is good!
  • warprintswarprints Posts: 61Member
    Was a field biologist, now an attorney. In the not too distant future, will be a full time motorcyclist and photographer (e.g. retired).
  • MsmotoMsmoto Posts: 5,396Moderator
    Don't work.... LOL

    Professional photographer 1965 - 1971, 1971 - 2002, in medicine, school, etc., until retirement in 2002.

    Now...... play exceptionally well.....
    Msmoto, mod
  • MegapixelSchnitzelMegapixelSchnitzel Posts: 184Member
    I admire you, Ms Moto. My education is in photography - but I never had the guts to try it for a living. Eddie Weston's lifestyle scared me.
  • DaveyJDaveyJ Posts: 880Member
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    I run a multi faceted farming operation. We build timber frame homes, photograph farm operations from timber to haying, livestock care, to aquacultural management of fresh and salt water, and from aerial to underwater photography. My son and both of my grandsons work in this full time. We own a successful restaurant. I was a US Army Colonel. My brother was a senior officer in the US Coast Guard. At 72 retirement is out of the question and I do not miss my College Professor, military, or High School Science Teaching or coaching days but we won some awards and helped some lives over the years. I never took any photos until I was about 20 although my brother owned a batch of medium format cameras. I owned a batch of medium and large format cameras and made some money with that part of my career. I belong to Nikon Rumors as I believe photography can shape people's lives and make them better stewarts for the planet's future. I do think environmental science has become a very questionable political football where real science has become secondary to thinly veiled greed and controlling elements.
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  • GandyDancerGandyDancer Posts: 3Member
    Retired Engineering Technology Manager, loved my job until flying became a real drag. I have enjoyed photography every since 1966 and still enjoy it today maybe even more than in the film days. The digital technology aspect today is very fascinating I enjoy the challenge of the new digital camera's and software being used. So I now have time to follow my hobby and play with the grandkids.
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