D-7200 User Settings Problem

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I bought a Nikon refurb D7200 a while back and over the weekend it did something strange. I had set the U1 and U2 up for Landscape/Portrait and Action/Sports respectively. Both were set up a aperture priority with different settings for auto focus, auto ISO, and several other parameters. Over the weekend while photographing my son's college graduation I noticed it wasn't responding to changing aperture settings. On closer examination, U1 and U2 were now in "P" mode, not "A." I've not been able to replicate this. Any body have any experience with something weird like this. The camera is about 30 days into the 90 day warranty and I want to sort this before that runs out.


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    Just to rule a few things out, how did you set the U1 and U2 modes to Aperture (A) priority? I will note that P mode for U1 and U2 is the default, so if you didn't actually save it, it would revert to that. Did any of your other settings, exposure and flash compensation, flash mode, focus point, metering, autofocus, etc... change back as well?

    I've never heard of U1/2 mode breaking, that would be a highly unusual set of circumstances...
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    Thanks Ironheart. I'm 99 percent sure I saved the settings properly. I had used the camera several times using the user settings with no problem and, in fact, had used it an hour before I noticed the issue. After the switch, the remaining settings appeared to be undisturbed. It hasn't done it again, so it's hard to diagnose a problem I can't replicate. It's entirely possible that I did something although I have no idea what it might have been.
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    I don't think you have a problem. the simplest way is to go into A mode and set it as you want it ...and that's everything inc battery order/iso/focus and all other details then go to save to U1 IN THE MENU not the dial and save it which requires two button pushes.
    ~then go back to A and do your U2 settings and save again . You can have three different versions of A mode settings U1 U2 and A (plus P of course)
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    Thanks PB. Most of what you suggest mirrors my set up routine. I selected A, selected the settings I wanted to become defaults for each application, saving to U1 and U2 respectively through the menu each time. The primary differences between the two are focus mode and max auto-iso. The plan now is to clear the settings for the "user" modes and then recreate them from the ground up. Then, use the heck out of the camera and see if things remain stable.
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    If you are in U1 or U2 and you make changes they will take effect ..when you turn the camera off/on you will go back to the original U1 or U2 settings ....have you knocked the control dials ...mine are taped up
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    I don't think so, but anythings possible. I reinitialized and recreated all the settings. I'll be making an out town trip in a couple of weeks with numerous photo-ops to test it.
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    Have never used the U1 or U2 option on body. Thanks for bringing it up. Always shoot in P.
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    Brad ..P mode in poor light always has the lens fully open, in summer daylight it may be at F11. I only use P to shoot discos without flash of course. I think you would be better in A mode and choose your aperture letting the electronics do the rest ..ISO and shutter speed. Don't forget FP at 1/320 or you can get caught out using flash outside ( that's Flash Programme not focal plane) Remember also when you fit a flash in the shoe the ISO goes to 4x your base iso setting
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