near future, PF & DO, canon to introduce new models, nikon ?

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i just saw patents by canon

1000 5.6 DO (equivalent of PF for nikon)
and 70-200 2.8 DO (patent, expected before 2020)

i also saw another DO lens patent for a mirrorless camera

while Nikon 'just' introduced the 300 f4e PF (own and love)
Canon in the other hand has the second version of the 400 F4 DO (USM IS II)

i really, really, really hope
Nikon second PF/DO step is the 400 F4e PF not any more expensive than the 300 2.8, anything higher than that might not be for me anymore.
(one might buy a 300 2.8 and couple with a 1.4TC on a DX body, but i'd still like the 'non-weight-lenght' of a PF lens)

i think the next 5 years DO and PF will capture the PRO market leaving lenght and weight to the non-pros


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    I hope so, just think of all the lovely exotic telephotos ending up on the used market ! *salivates*
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    PF/DO tech has been superseded by the new flat lens meta-surface tech.
    I think these will be cheaper and very much thinner and lighter by 2 magnitudes. Instead of the 20+ element lenses we now have, imagine 4/5 flat element lenses 1cm from back element to front element.. So we are talking pancake lenses 70-200 !! with no CA or Coma. Just in time for second generation Nikon Mirrorless.

    Imagine Mobile phones with flat equivalent 24-200 zoom lens.
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    Not all patents turn into products. Also the delay between patent and product is usually measured in years. Patents protect Intellectual Property so that you can start the development of the actual product, knowing that nobody else can copy your work.
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