Dropping Support for Older Eye-Fi Cards

NSXTypeRNSXTypeR Posts: 2,270Member
Older Eye-Fi cards of the X1 and X2 line will be rendered useless (in terms of WiFi capabilities I assume) after September 16 of this year.

I'm not sure if this is a firmware push from the servers to the SD cards, but this seems like a bit of a bummer. Then again, if you buy a relatively recent camera, most of them have WiFi already, so I guess Eye-Fi is really seeing a drop in sales.

Thought you guys would be interested, for the seemingly small minority of you guys who own these cards.


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  • spraynprayspraynpray Posts: 6,545Moderator
    I suppose they are still OK as memory cards, they just don't upload.
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  • KnockKnockKnockKnock Posts: 398Member
    I use ShutterSnitch to connect directly to my soon obsoleted Eye-Fi card. I can't imagine how it would break. I suspect the Eye-Fi software and system for using their cloud accounts is what's breaking, but I don't use those... Now that my card is setup for direct mode.

    We shall see. I put the WU-1a (?) in my cart though just in case.
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