UV filter on 600mm

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So off we went to france ...wife with her D7100 /Tokina 400mm f5.6 ( at $50) and me with the 150-600 Tamron on the D810...Passed through 15 hides on the Somme salt marshes and who got he best pictures ....She did of course and I got 700 all blurry ....final cause came down to a UV filter I put on a few days before . Looks perfect to me but no -20 to +20 on the FF adjust makes no difference and its all blurd . Take it off perfect.
So any similar experience or advice.


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    LOL did you cheap out on the filter ? ;-) For those long lenses which need huge filters its almost always better to not have any unless you can spend heaps for one.
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    Wow, really sorry to hear that. I've seen it happen before. Its the first question I ask people when they say they are getting blurry pictures with a long lens.. Well actually shutter speed it first. The lens hood provides plenty of protection for the front element. I don't use filters on any of my lenses..
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    Only fault is the filter ..have ordered another "with 18 layers of coating perfect for 150-600" will let you know ....
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    I'm with Coastalconn on this. Don't use one is my advice.
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    I use UV on my wedding lenses where they may get in rain or splashed with champagne but am concluding for the birdy bits its maybe not required ..will test the coated one and let you know.
    I posted the same question a few days ago in another N site in the Tamron 150-600 area and it was just ignored ....what do we learn from that....
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    Well I purchased a multicoated filter and holding the two up you could see the difference ( first was "optical glass") but there was still a noticeable reduction in IQ so I sent it back .. Seems to me a UV on a long lens is a no no . Thanks everyone for you help
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