Drones Hasselblad Involvement A Market possibility for Nikon

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I appreciate this primarily a Nikon sight, however Drones are here and offer another perspective to photography. Most,I use the word loosely {Pilots} tend to use video, but the cameras fitted to the latest Drones offer some incredible landscape shots. The latest generation are becoming safer to fly with lots of fail safe inbuilt programs.
DJI have just got involved with Hasselblad to create a top end Drone. Hasselblad have been making aerial cameras for years , so it would seem a good partnership.Clearly in the future Drones will be more controlled and safety issues will be paramount but these seem to vary country to country. I am talking about none commercial use. Commercial use is a total different ballgame with full CAA control and certification. This a fast growing market taking Photography to the third dimension.
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