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Reading some stuff on bird photography it seems to indicate that you can have your camera on AF-S and press the AF-L or AF-ON button to go to AF-C . This would be useful for brides walking down the aisle who are difficult to focus on ( save doing the S to C change manually)
Anybody know how to do it or if its possible on a D810 all the google says its in the menu ??


  • Vipmediastar_JZVipmediastar_JZ Posts: 1,708Member
    Yes its possible. D810 has a dedicated af-on button for this. You can also go in the menu and assign the Af-l to do this as well same with the D750. I do it on both. Af-c + af-on= superb for what you asked for. I shoot all my work like this even if its stationary and change it up on rare occasions.
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    I want to be in AF-s mode with focus and shutter release on the button and press the AF/on to change to AF -c ,,,,if that's possible tell me how.
  • Vipmediastar_JZVipmediastar_JZ Posts: 1,708Member
    Oh I think i understand now. you want one button for af-s and one button for af-c?

    Hmm by memory idk if it possible unless you have a camera with U settings. U1 setting with af-s and u2 with af-c that might work or do a custom menu for it.
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    Yes I see that but sadly I changed to a D810 which has the crap pro controls ...or tell me they are not ...ha ha
    Its just going from S to C without the side button/rotate dial/try to read the tiny text in the display...then reverse it all...
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