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    You also have to realize that DSLRs have gotten to the point at which there is diminishing returns in terms of updates. We've gotten all the megapixels we want, noise is now very well controlled at high ISOs, is it really worth it to update bodies so frequently?

    You might be able to argue that with a D7000 or if you bought a Nikon DSLR before the D90, but if you bought a D7100, I'm not so sure. Maybe you can argue WiFi might be a reason to update, but would you dump a $800 for a $1000 camera just for one feature?

    There just isn't a compelling reason to upgrade bodies now, across the board. I think Thom Hogan called it a mature field or something like that.
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    Great post NSXTTypeR! If I were to buy a field camera today.....I'd get a D7200, try a new 70-300 DX VR, and some kit type lens, almost a 18-55 VR. To me it is too bad a bundled kit like this is not available, as I see it would be a great purchase. How would,you sell it to a first time user? I believe you couldn't. Not unless coached by an insider/expert/friend.......But right now that would be my purchase. My old age, low income, credit card balances, all suggest buy nothing. But I always seek a lightweight, multi faceted (here I mean wide to,tele), camera with good resolution, color, and based on my past satisfaction a Nikon or maybe a Fuji. My desire for lightweight is driven by the fact that my trips to beautiful places is partly in a rather small boat, not a Midnight Express with four 250 HP engines.....
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