Lightroom 6 Problems with Wacom Tablet

Hi Guys,
I've recently upgraded from Lightroom 5.7 to Lightroom 6 (Standalone - don't want to use the Adobe subscription mullarky ;) ) and am having a few problems with my Wacom Bamboo.

Specifically with the spot healing brush - when I try and draw a shape to be healed, the on screen graphics lags terribly and quite often draws further lines - although I've lifted the pen from the tablet..
If I turn off the "Use Windows Ink" option in the Bamboo driver/properties, then it performs much better, but then I have no pen pressure capabilities with any adjustment brushes..

I know the Bamboo isn't a "professional grade" graphic tablet - but it works absolutely fine with 5.7 - it's just with 6 that I'm getting this strange problem.

Tried turning the graphics acceleration on and off, doesn't make any difference.. as I said, only turning off windows ink seems to relieve the problem...

Anyone else got/had any similar issues? Anyone got any suggestions how I can overcome the problem? (without turning off windows ink)

Baldy ;)
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