Any Significance??

So if you go to the Nikon USA website and select “Nikon Products / Learn About our Products/DSLR” it brings you to a screen where you can select either:
Entry Level DLSR, Enthusiast DSLR, Professional DSLR or Kits & Bundles.

On Friday, if you selected “Enthusiast DLSR” you were presented with an image of 5 Nikon Camera’s:
D7200, D610, D500, D750 & Df

Today if make the same selections, the image that appears is of:
D7200, D750, D500 & Df

So could the disappearance of the D610 from the “Learn about our products” section be an indication of an impending announcement of the D610’s replacement ??

NOTE: The D610 is still on the website, but only if you go to “Shop Products/DLSR Cameras”


  • SportsSports Posts: 365Member
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    D610 must be on its way out, you should think, but why remove it before a replacement is ready? Maybe because there will not be a replacement! Maybe, the next FX body will replace both D610 and D750. Who knows?
    Replacements should get 4K video, SnapBridge, some refinements, and maybe a touch screen (don't expect other major improvements). With sales going down, Nikon may find it too costly to update two product lines that are already close, and would move even closer to one another.
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  • MegapixelSchnitzelMegapixelSchnitzel Posts: 185Member
    Do you think Nikon is about to make an announcement in time for Christmas pre-ordering... or are they going to wait until early 2017 to launch a new body?
  • IronheartIronheart Posts: 3,017Moderator
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    No rumors, so I'd bet nothing before Christmas. I don't think the D750 is particularly in need of an update, and it's still selling well. Number 23 on Amazon's best seller list (The D500 is number 20). Considering it's almost $2K, and almost everything below it is $1000-$500, I'd say no time soon. Wait until it's number 100 :wink:
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  • Ironheart - If that's the case then my decision is made, D750 here I come !

    Although I'll give it until after PhotoPlus just in case they sneak in an announcement. ;-)
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