Smart WiFi controller for Nikon camera

Dear Nikoners,

We are a small startup based in Houston, TX and Beijing, China. Now, we are launching the CamBuddy Pro crowdfunding project in

CamBuddy Pro is the most powerful and the only "do-it-all" solution to remotely control your cameras from your smartphone. With CamBuddy Pro and the free Joopic app, you will be able to:
  • Get WiFi-based remote control from up to 100 feet away.
  • Browse and transfer pictures/videos instantly from your modern digital cameras to your smartphone, no need to copy them to your desktop computer first.
  • Create time-lapse photography with the built-in intervalometer.
  • Have a matchbox-sized product packed with light sensor, sound sensor, laser detector, and radio transceiver that make your innovative high-speed photography easier than ever.
  • Control up to 128 cameras to capture stunning "Matrix bullet time" footage.
  • Fully control popular DSLR cameras from smartphone: live view, parameters adjustment, taking photos and videos.

We believed innovative picture taking could be more fun, and photos could be shared more easily and instantly. With these beliefs in mind, our team spent countless nights designing, programming, and prototyping to bring CamBuddy Pro to life. Credits also go to volunteers around the world who helped us during beta testing, making CamBuddy Pro perfect. Please back us and help us bring CamBuddy Pro to you! Thank you!

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