Is there a way to get an error log off camera - D750 in this case

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I was out on a shoot, had a weird issue with my display showed Err...could not get the main display to work...tried repowering with no luck. Removed battery and tried again, tried a different battery. Nothing helped and I gave up after 10 minutes of fiddling with it and switched to my backup body. I was thinking on the drive home that I'd need to send it in for repair...I wasnt too upset as its in warranty and well, s**t happens. Now, when I got home, it seemed to work well. So, my concern is do I trust the camera not to do it again? Part of me wishes it was still in Err mode so I know to send it in. Now that it seems to work fine, Im afraid if I send it in, it will be returned as no issue found. With all that said, is there a way to get an error log off the camera to find out exactly what happened?

Other thoughts...
Three possibilities did come to mind which may be causing a problem...
1) I recently did some shooting in the rain. Despite having a full rain guard on, Im sure some moisture was on the camera. Whilst the D750 is a good body, it isn't 100% weather protected.
2) I was using 3rd party batteries. I wondered if they could cause such a condition.
3) Some other random issue with the camera.


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    I had this yesterday just before a shoot on D750. Having heard the noise before and having the same experience with a D7000 I can say that what I ecountered was a shutter issue. I had a fast shutter about 1/2500 so there was no need need for the shutter to take forever and display the ERR message. I removed battery it still had the issue. I pressed the shutter again and that cleared it. I shot about 250 photos and from experience I shot about 1500 photos on the D7000 from initial issue to the shutter completely locking up. Nikon fixed it under warranty.
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    interesting...I was shooting between 2 and 1/3 seconds.
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    Also, when that happened to you...were other functions on the camera not working? Live view, menu, etc. It doesn't make sense to me that these other functions would not work if there was a shutter err. Who knows, maybe the whole camera locks up in an error condition.
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    think it comes down to how much warrantee is left ...did you take the lens off ?? The last one I heard of like this they photographed the stuck mirror before trying to get it down and it went to Nikon ...
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    for d7000 it was around 2010-201a time frame.

    For d750 i remember reseating the lens. I didn't check other things. My shoot was about to happen and i just quickly tried the simple stuff remove batter, reseat lens and click the shutter button again.
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    Just been watching the Angry photographer (OK OK I know) and he made comment about D750 having inerrant shutter fault . He implied that the faulty ones were sold off as grey market...... This says to me if you have a genuine Nikon warrantee send it back as they will not be surprised at your problem and should fix it
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    Selling faulty cameras as grey? LOL paranoid conspiracy theorist. think about it please. There is no way Nikon can know for sure which camera is going grey. Every unit is legitimate for the country its sold in by Nikon, they all started "White". A "Grey" becomes "Grey" when a unit is moved from one country to another by a seller that is not Nikon. For the theory to be true, Nikon will have to be selling faulty units on purpose to some countries. That's sounds like its could be true? LOL paranoid conspiracy theorist.
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