D800 Autofocus Behavior

Hi All, New to rummers forums. I shoot with a D800. I have some older Nikons as my first camera was a F. I use several AI, AI'd, and AIS MF lenses. I have looked into adding a CPU to some of the lenses. Not sure I will do it yet. One source http://pindelski.org/Photography/2012/03/08/adding-a-cpu-to-mf-nikkor-lenses-part-i/ suggests setting the program to use the "aperture ring" since the older Nikkors aperture arm mechanics don't do as well as the AIS's. I don't own any G lenses. I have always been comfortable with Aperture ring operation. I do have an AFS and an AF D. Since they both have aperture rings, I decided to set the D800 to use the ring instead of the command dial (p 317 user manual). As soon as I set Custom F9 Aperture to "ring" on A thru D menus, the autofocus on the AF D 28-105mm stopped working completely. As soon as I changed the F9 settings back. AF worked normally. Anyone incur this behavior?


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    I don't know about your F9 problems but I do know about dandelion chips...easy to fit if you have a brain but can be a problem to programme and then they lock up and are scrap..you will get no help from the seller.
    I suggest you look at a sight called Nikon Gear where the guy sells genuine Nikon spare parts which can be fitted to update the lens ..You will get 100% personal support.
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    Here are more symptoms regarding custom setting F9 and AF behavior for D800E when using non G AF lenses.
    1. Custom A,B,C,D F9 set to ring - AF does not function on any custom menu.
    2. Custom A F9 set to ring, B,C,D set to sub-command dial - AF works A,B,C - D No
    3. Custom B F9 set to ring, A,C,D set to sub-command dial - AF works A,B,C - D No
    4. Custom C F9 set to ring, A,B,D set to sub-command dial - AF works A,B,C - D No
    Thus it seems that anytime the D800E's custom menu setting F9 is set to "ring" in one of the menus, the auto focus stops working if the camera is set to D menu. The aperture ring on the lens does work (non-G lenses). Changing the F9 to ring in all programs, disables AF in all custom menus. Seems that Custom menu D cannot use F9 setting to aperture ring with AF lenses.
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    Thanks gary I will take a lesson in hindu or Chinese or whatever you are speaking.
  • IronheartIronheart Posts: 3,017Moderator
    You have a setting in the D bank that is conflicting with F9. If I am translating you correctly :smile:
  • garymooregarymoore Posts: 3Member
    To Ironheart. That's a good observation. I have not been able to find the conflicting autofocus or aperture setting yet. If I find it I will let you know.
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