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Hello all,

I feel like this may be a futile question as I have already looked at length for an answer to no avail. Unless I missed something glaringly obvious.... which is perhaps more common than I'd like haha.

I have a D750 and would like to know if there is any way to turn off the LO iso function so when I am using manual iso and spinning the control wheel it will stop at iso 100. Turning off the HI functions as well would be fine, as I typically never use them. Its a minor quibble, but I often overshoot when resetting my iso value back to base, and end up at iso LO .5 or 1.

Anyone else find it annoying at times? Any work arounds?



  • PistnbrokePistnbroke Posts: 2,444Member
    If you were using manual and your settings for it were in U1 or U2 then turning the camera off and on again would restore your base settings.
    Ie go to manual set it to your base settings then go to save to U1 (ok is pressed twice) then always use it in U1 for this mode of shooting.
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    Using the U1/U2 settings was not something I thought of. Thanks for that Pistnbroke! It might be a bit clunky, but for sure a viable work around for a quick no-look iso value reset.
    The situation I find myself needing this most often I am typically shooting aperture priority, this would also reset my aperture then... which in some cases could be a bonus.
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    Yes this is the difference between U1 U2 type controls and the so called Pro controls of the D810 (which I hate ) An off/on will take you back always to your settings but with pro controls the camera will remember what you had it set at last and take you to that ,
    Remember if you have a grip to tell it what battery you want in the U1 U2 or it may select the wrong battery ..it remembers everything !!
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