Focus help with my D750

Hello everyone!

Today i was at a middle of a normal shooting and sudenly I saw that half of the picture was with a big shadow and i realize that i was the mirror half way locked... A little (and really gently push) moved the mirror back to the top.... But now the image in the viewfinder show up ghostly and It does not auto Focus even when the lens move back and forward trying to get focused with no success . You can still use the manual focus and the picture looks good... I changed lens and both of them act exactly the same... After cleaning my tears.. i tried again and I see that the problem persist but if I use the LCD as liveview, the camera Focus correctly and shoot as normal...

Any idea what could be the issue? If It needs repair, how much could be?

Thanks to all...
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    Yeah need fixing and recalibration... the AF is dependent on the mirror. Sounds like your mirror is now very wonky... However much it will cost, you don't really have a choice .. just get a quote and do it. Unfortunately.
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    for our information how many shots has it taken warrantee I guess ?
  • JCTibuJCTibu Posts: 44Member
    Yeah.. seems that will need to repair anyways...

    Well, not sure how many shot i has.. but i think somerhing near 15k... The sad part is that I think It was changed when i received the camera back because of the recall about the flare.... It was 18 months after the change so i think there is no warranty left... Also my 2 year extended warranty bought, ended on septiembre 2016...
    Nikon D750 - Sigma 24-105mm f4 - Nikon 50mm 1.8g - Nikon 55-300mm - SB700 -SB400
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    A word of advice: In future, keep your fingers out of the mirror box. There is nothing good that will EVER come from that.
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    The normal position for the mirror is down, not up. That being said, the mirror should be free to travel throughout the range, it is spring-loaded, and you should be able to move it up, and it will snap back down in place.

    HOWEVER, don't try this at home or with any camera you care about. See @spraynpray 's advice above. If anyone ever experiences this or a similar issue, you should try and clear it via normal operations first. Take a few pictures, move in and out of live-view, these will all cause the mirror to cycle and hopefully reset. Otherwise it's off to the repair shop.
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