Nikon F Lens Cap sticking

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What's up with the new Nikon F Lens Cap sticking. I have to use a channel lock to get them off.


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    @bland I received several news lens earlier this month and I am having the same issue. I thought I am getting old and just not as strong as I use to be. A couple of guys that I shoot with came to visit and I told them about this issue and every one of them struggled to get the caps off and the 24-70 no one could that one off. They are a lot younger and stronger than I am and we concluded that they must have changed vendors and there spec's are off.
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    Sticking to what though? Fabric?

    I recently got a new lens, that has a new lens cap, but I haven't noticed it sticking to anything really. That being said, I've always set the cap on another lens, never another surface.
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  • blandbland Posts: 808Member
    I just found out what the problem is. Nikon now has both CW and CCW threads, depending on the lens.
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    Not possible. The F mount only threads one way. Rear lens caps are always left-hand thread.
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    right on Ironheart ..I remember the time we thought they came off too easy .....
  • vtc2002vtc2002 Posts: 308Member
    I agree about the threading but something has changed with the new lens caps. I removed the lens cap on my new version of the 70-200mm G lens and tried the lens cap from my 85MM D & G lens and they went on and came off with no problem. I tried the new lens cap on the 85mm lens and had a heck of a time getting it off. I took the lens's to a my local Camera store and they had the same problem and said they had a number of people complaining about the same issue.
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    Is there nothing Nikon can get right ?
  • vtc2002vtc2002 Posts: 308Member
    In some ways I like it since I don't have to worry about them coming off. Struggling to get them off is not much fun.
  • NSXTypeRNSXTypeR Posts: 1,786Member
    The old lens caps sometimes backed themselves off the lenses even when I wasn't handling them. Sometimes they were just in my bag.

    I prefer the new caps as they're tighter and do what they're supposed to do. Too bad I only have 1 of the new caps and 2 of the old ones.
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