Need help repairing my 70-300 VR

marselmarsel Posts: 3Member
Hi. I had to clean the front element because inside it had a little spot with fungus, mold I don't know (looked like the thing you see in spoiled food)).
So I had to unscrew the front element. The screws (the two holes actually) are covered by a circular plastic material which I had to remove. After cleaning and screwing back the front element, now I need to stick this circular plastic thing back. But it doesnt stick anymore. It had (I don't know how they're called in english) biadhesive (which sticks from both sides) I took the biadhesive off of the plastic-screw-covering-circular thing and now I need to attach it back.
Maybe they sell these things already with biadhesive in them on ebay, but I don't know how they are called.
Or if someone has another solution to stick this circular plastic back (maybe with some other type of glue).

Thank you all for the eventual help


  • IronheartIronheart Posts: 3,017Moderator
    Well, there's always crazy glue :wink: I usually re-use the double-sided sticky tape that is on the makeup ring (that is what that part is called). You can use any adhesive that will allow you to get back into the lens. I'm partial to indoor carpet tape, as it is thinner and less aggressive than the indoor/outdoor variety.
  • marselmarsel Posts: 3Member
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    I threw the old tape because it wasn't sticky anymore after I removed it. I thought I would find circular tape, but I caouldn't find any info online. Now my only option is crazy glue but I'm afraid it will go wrong (maybe put too much or too little). OK, thanks for your help, Iroheart!
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    No, I would use crazy glue as a last resort. The indoor carpet tape (which is always double sided) is a better bet. It is usually at least 1.5" wide, so you can stick it to the back of the makeup ring and then cut it with an exacto knife.

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    The worlds lens dismantle experts are on on a forum called " Nikon Gear" Fantastic people real gentlemen runs out of Sweden.
    They will tell you how to stick it ..personally I would be using clear or black silicone.
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  • IronheartIronheart Posts: 3,017Moderator
    @Pistnbroke I thought you used crazy glue on your 18-300 makeup ring? Or was I making that up :wink:
  • PistnbrokePistnbroke Posts: 1,166Member
    Ho Ho Ho was a 18-140 ( both of them ) and it was the ring and the front of the focus barrel ..I think this guy is replacing the cover ring around the front element.
    Reason I suggested silicone is because he might want to take the ring off again and it wont "dry" and drop bits into the lens....Glad you hang on my every word !!!!
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