How to identify a grey market lens?

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Other that the missing warranty, how can a grey market Nikon lens be identified?
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    You can usually work that out when you buy it as it says sellers warrantee or you can try to regiser it with the maker......after you had it for 12 months and want to sell it then who cares can also see the marks on the box EU or US depending where you live or JP if its a japan import and no warrantee.
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    Are there any marks on the lens or camera?
    Robert M. Poston: D4, D810, V3, 14-24 F2.8, 24-70 f2.8, 70-200 f2.8, 80-400, 105 macro.
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    Not usually. In the past USA units would have "US" before the serial number, but I don't now if that is still done.

    Most of the distributors use stickers on the box (Canadian sold has a big Maple Leaf for the warranty sticker on the box), or in the Case of Nikon Canada and USA they used to use different boxes.

    In the film days Nikon USA went even farther and renamed products. The Nikon Film cameras were often "N"xxx rather than "F"xxx. Example, the F90 was sold as such everywhere outside the US, were it was sold as the N90. Kind of like how Canon sells the KISS cameras (Japan) as Rebel Txxx (Canada, USA) or as xxxD models in Europe.
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    No marks on lens or camera other than the serial number ...
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    Call Nikon, or try Roland Vink's website
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    Typically serial number ranges are assigned to each country. I like this site for that sort of info:
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