Looking to upgrade after almost a decade...

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Hello All; I'm a long time lurker and I finally registered & looking forward to reading more and commenting.

I'm looking to upgrade from my current setup:

I started with photography back in 2005; when I got a D50, 18-55mm & 55-200mm (non-VRs) for my High School graduation gift. In 2009 for my College Graduation gift, I upgraded to a D90 & 35/1.8 DX. I really wanted the new 70-200mm VR II, but with the economy and job market. I just couldn't swing the price tag, so I settled for a 55-200mm VR.

Today; I'm engaged, wedding date is next year, we've got a couple trips planned this year. So the pictures are becoming more important. The Future-Mrs is a Social Media beast... but I hate taking pictures with a phone.

For the most part; I am pretty content with my D90. At the current time I have no need to print poster-sized images or sports photography, most of my images are just of items to post on eBay. But I would like to venture back out into the hobby as things slow down post-wedding.

My current setup:
35mm/1.8 DX
55-200mm VR

So it's 2017; I have the new 70-200mm F/2.8e in my sights, it's been 10 years.. I owe it to myself.

But now I find out, it can not work with my D90. So I have the D5600 in mind, I really don't want to spend too much on a Body. The biggest feature that appeals to me is the Snapbridge, which will appeal to the mrs. The D500 is a serious contender, but at $2k, I rather spend the bulk of my money on new glass and wait to see what Nikon does with their SLR lines.

I'm budgeting about $5K for my upgrade, with $2800 for the 70-200mm. that leaves me $2200. I'm waiting for Costco to get the D5600 in stock. That leaves me around $1500.. How about the 16-80/2.8-4?

Please give me your thoughts and critique my plan. But, don't be too harsh.



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    Welcome to NR! The 70-200 is a FX lens, it will work just fine on a DX body (the E variant will only work on newer bodies as you found out, there are still G variants kicking around). However, because the 70-200 is a f/2.8 lens and designed for an FX image circle, it's a beastie, meaning big and heavy. Also it turns into a 105-300 equiv. focal length/FoV on a DX body, but you already knew that if you own a 55-200. My goto DX lenses for walkaround/general purpose photography are the 16-80 f/2.8-4E, and the (FX) 70-300 f/4.5-5.6G.

    These two lenses are a big step up from the 18-55/55-200 set. Nothin' wrong with the D5600. That's a great mid-tier body. Since all Nikon dealers (including Costco) charge the same prices, it might be better to find your nearest camera store instead, they will have it in stock, same warranty etc... and you will be able to ask questions, get accessories, and develop a relationship. You will also be able to mount the various lenses you are considering, and check for size, heft, etc... before making a purchase.

    Now be prepared for a deluge of information, as everyone has their pet lenses (me included) and will be talking about superzooms, DX vs FX and a wealth of other topics. Just hang in there and we will get you to the promised land, as we love to spend "other people's money" OPM(tm) :wink:
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    I appreciate the reply, I know the new 70-200/2.8e is a beefy lens.. But I'm planning for my future. Slowly building a better lens collection. I rather sacrifice on the body, and get good glass.

    How is the 16-80/2.8-4?

    I'm in Queens, NY; and I do have B&H & Adorama in the city.. But taxes in NY are 8.875%. I would like to save myself a few dollars..

    I do like the Costco option for the cheap body, plus Costco extends the warranty an extra couple of years.

    I figure its a good stop gap, until Nikon releases the next-gen Bodies.

    Thanks for the reply!
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    Did you ever think about getting a D7200? It's the equivalent of the D90 now.
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    I did look at the D7200, and you're right it is a direct upgrade to the D90. It's a shame that it doesn't have BLE/Snapbridge abilities. It is $1k, but I had the thought of what about a D5600 refurb (when available) and maybe a 200-500mm? I use to shoot a lot of Commercial aviation, would be nice to try it again..

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    The D7200 can use the WirelessMobileUtility app for transferring and taking photos. I have used it with my D750 and found that it worked just fine. Honestly, I would not let SnapBridge be the feature that decides a camera. While the D5600 is a great camera, the D7200 is what you will be wishing for soon. And, it's taken 10 years to get to this point, how long will it take for the next body?

    A couple of other things you get with the D7200: better autofocus, viewfinder is better, dual card slots, metal body, and front command dial. That is a lot for money.
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    Thanks Sport; I appreciate the feedback, I don't have anyone else to bounce this stuff off of.

    So here are my comebacks to your arguments..

    Well; the snapbridge is more of a "for her" feature.. if she's happy..then I can get away with a few dollars more of spending, because it would be a justified expense. I would honestly prefer going with the D500, but with it being half-way through its life cycle..I can't justify spending near retail pricing for it. That's why I would rather get a stop-gap body in place, until the "D500x" is released. I like being at the beginning of a product's lifecycle. At some point I would also like to go to an FX body, but who knows what the new products will be?

    The 10 years to get to this point; well.. it was probably bad timing and money. I'm turning 30 this year... back in 2009 when the 70-200mm VRII was released. I was 22 years old, now out of college; I had other financial priorities.

    But I know well enough that I rather spend the money in lenses.

    I appreciate it.. keep it coming, this is helpful.. I do know I want the 70-200/2.8e, and I'm highly considering the 16-80/2.8-4 & 200-500..

    Thanks again,
  • If getting in at the beginning of a products life cycle is important, and you don't want to make the jump to FX now, I'd strongly suggest you look to the D500. I think the days of 24 month updates / replacements are in Nikon's past and recent statements from Nikon tend to support that theory...

    That said, if you must choose, buy the best glass you can afford
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    It took almost 7 years for Nikon to release the D500 after the D300s. Given the D500 was released less than a year ago, I wouldn't expect an update any time soon.
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    yup.. d500... no new versions for at least 3 years...maybe never...(I think it's the f6 of the dx dslr range ie the best and last of it's kind before the mirrorless takes over). i wode suggest you get it...you sound like some one who not only will enjoy it but make the best use of what it has to offer.
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    Lots of D7100 about just paid £450 ..$600 for a new one..dont go anything lower as they have no fine focus adjust....
    Buy now before your wife gets a hold on your wallet.
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    Rent a body and try it out with your current lenses. See if the features (e.g. SnapBridge) work like you expect (or not)).
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    Don't sacrifice anything, and don't spend one cent extra to get SnapBridge. All SnapBridge features look good on paper, but it's slow, it's unstable, it drains the battery, the app is bad ..... Sorry, but SnapBridge is not something that you'll be using.
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    Indeed, Snapbridge (WIFI+Bluetooth) really wouldn't fix the social media bug. It's nothing special and doesn't work any better than the WIFI only implementation of the same app that works with older Nikon bodies.

    I used the WIFI a fair bit when I first got the D750 because I thought it would make things easier for quick sharing, but quickly reverted to just sticking the SD card into my computer because the WIFI export was slow and reduced image quality.
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    Wow; Great replies everyone...this is really helpful.

    You have all made really good arguments in favor of the D500; that I'm considering it.

    I think the only thing that would sway me back to the D5600, is if I come across one dirt cheap...

    I'm aiming to purchase in August, how often does Nikon have their rebates? Is it only at the end of the year?

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    I'm not sure why you're aiming for the D5600, there really aren't any new great features on that camera, it's been fairly stagnant in terms of new features since the D5500. The D7200 would be the one to get honestly, you lose commander mode for flashes for instance with the D5600. The only thing you do get is the flipping screen. I think if you're interested in future growth potential in terms of gear, you shouldn't get a camera below the D7200.
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    My first digital Nikon was a D5100 and I out grew it. I moved up to the D500 when it first came out. I haven't regretted it one bit. I use mostly FX glass on both of them. D5100 is now my back up but I sure notice it slower than the D500 when I use it.
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    NSXTypeR said:

    I'm not sure why you're aiming for the D5600, there really aren't any new great features on that camera...

    Indeed, other than adding Bluetooth for snapbridge it's just a re-named D5200, like the D5300 and D5500 before it. They've had software and processor upgrades to improve speed and high ISO image noise over the years, but the price hit by having the newest one might not be worth it.

    mmedford: If you are used to the D90 and it's controls, I suspect you'll find the D5xxx cameras rather frustrating, unless you stay in auto, P, A or S all the time.
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    You are getting a lot of personal opinions here, so I'll add mine ;) .

    If you are going to stay with DX, get a D7100 over the one wheeled D5600. Cheaper and easier to use. Snapbridge? Meh, gimmick.

    As you have the 55-200, why get the 70-200? Sounds like a mistake as you like pictures of planes, why not go properly long with an 80-400 or 200-500?

    If I had an interest in planes I would have 16-80, 70-200 f4 and 200-500.

    All personal opinions thrown out there to get you thinking.
    Always learning.
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    if you are buying in August... the d7300 should be out..it should have everything you want...

    why are you thinking of getting the 70-200 e? I mean.. there are hundreds of lenses out there. what are your interest.. what do you plan to shoot.? not that the 70-200 is not a good lense.. but so is a 60mm macro.. or a 300pf..or...or...
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    Or the other smart thing to do is wait for the D7300 to come out and get the D7200. You're getting a lot of opinions, I think the majority of whom want some sort of growth or increase in feature set over the D90. If you chose the D5600, it would be a regression in features and most of the forum members are either pro, semi-pro or advanced enthusiasts and would not personally want something like that.

    Personally, neither would I.
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    @mmedford The D7200 is $799 for a refurbished one:
    I use a D7200 as a backup to my D500. Great camera for a great price.
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    Here's my few cents:
    • What do you want to shoot? This will be the greatest determining factor on which lenses to buy.
    • D7300 rumors have started showing up, so it's probably not too far off. I'd wait and see what it has before going with the D5600. For sure the D7300 will have Snapbridge, which Nikon has said it'll put in all it's new cameras.
    • I realize it's a cool lens, but why do you want a 70-200 2.8E? The main purpose of this lens is for shooting fast action. If you're not shooting fast action you'll probably get better bang for your buck with other lenses.
    • Speaking of bang for your buck, if you definitely have your heart set on a 70-200 I would have a look at the just released Tamron 70-200 2.8 as well. It's half the price of the Nikon and just got a great review from TAP - https://youtube.com/watch?v=_alz95t7rPU
    • Do you foresee a Mark Jr. in the near future? If so, you might consider a nice portrait lens. Budget options would include the Nikon 50mm 1.8 (about $180 refurb) and the Nikon 85mm 1.8 (about $400 refurb). More expensive options would be the new Tamron 85mm 1.8 which also has VR, and the Sigma Art 50mm 1.4 and 85mm 1.4. The 35mm 1.8 you have isn't bad, but the above lenses are sharper and will give you better subject isolation/background blur. Personally, I'd probably go with either the Nikon or Tamron 85 1.8s. The Sigmas are just too heavy for my taste.
    • For an all-in-one lens I'd go with either the 16-80 or 18-140. Some people swear by the 16-80, but I feel like $1,000 is a lot of dough for only 1/2 ~ 1 stop benefit. Personally, I prefer the more flexible zoom range of the 18-140, and it can be had for only $300 refurb.
    • Don't dis the kit lenses. The current kit lenses are small and light and the best they've ever been. Make sure you get the 70-300 VR if you go that route. The one that comes in bundles is only the non-VR version, so you'll have to buy it separately.
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    Wow; Very many opinions and thoughts.. Sorry about the very late reply, coworker of mine had a medical incident and I had to pick up a few extra shifts.

    I'm still bouncing around on the future body... I actually might end up with a D3400, for dirt cheap... but that's another story.. it's short term, I'll live.. especially with new bodies on the horizon.

    I actually do want to move into FX at some point in the not so distant future, so I would rather avoid buying DX glass.

    To be frankly honest with you guys; I haven't had the drive to shoot in a long time, i'm starting to show interest again and shiny new toys always help.

    So I post a hypothetical question for those who care to answer. If you had a DX 35/1.8, DX 18-55afp(kit lens) & a 70-200/2.8e, in your lens stable... and another $1k burning a hole in your pocket. What would you buy?

    Nikon 50/1.4g? Nikon 85/1.8g?

    Thank you to everyone, that has taken the time to reply & teach.
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    I can appreciate where you are coming form. I shot for a long time starting as a young kid. Kept going strong until marriage and kids of my own. Never quite got away from it but did not do much due to cost of film, developing and printing. Too many other bills to pay.

    At retirement age I decided to see if I would like digital. It did not take long and I was hooked again. I started with a mid entry level and soon started buying FX glass any time I could. I have moved up to the D500 when it first came out. Still getting FX glass as there will be a FX somewhere out there with my name on it.

    I am getting the grand kids hooked on photography. It is a ball.
  • IronheartIronheart Posts: 3,017Moderator
    It really does help to know what you want to shoot. Personally as I build out my FX lenses I have gone wide as they do double duty on DX. I've started my f/1.8G collection. I currently have the 20mm, 24mm, 28mm, 35mm and 50mm. They are all great lenses, but it depends on what you shoot. I started with the 20mm for astrophotography, but remember that's a 30mm equivalent on DX.
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