Capture Control Pro 2 and El Capitan

Hi All, I'm Paul. My first post. I'm a pro snapper in Scotland. Used Nikon for 27 years. Also use Hasselblad.
Hasselblad usually gives me the headaches. To resolve one, I clean installed El Capitan on my late 2011 Macbook Pro, so that I could get a clean install of Phocus. It worked. My issues with the Hasselblad have gone.
HOWEVER, I can't get capture control pro 2 to install.
Can anyone help please. Been searching for a solution for ages, but nowt seems to work.
Use a D5 and D3x btw with 14-24, 28-7- & 70-200
Thanks for pointers


  • IronheartIronheart Posts: 3,017Moderator
    Is there a specific error message? Have you tried opening a ticket with Nikon support?
  • paulrpaulr Posts: 1,176Member
    Camera Control Pro 2 latest download is for macOS Sierra version 10.12.This was not a great software, I too used it with a D3X but slow, I moved to to Camranger and it was a different world.
    Camera, Lens and Tripod and a few other Bits
  • PollybamptonPollybampton Posts: 2Member
    Ironheart, message is "The setting to execute the installer was not appropriately done." Trying to log in to Nikon support is not the easiest thing in the world to do , but I will be doing so when I can get it to accept my new password..
    Paulr after spending £50k+ over the years on nikon products, I'm kinda expecting better than just going elsewhere. The software was fine. Just can't get it to load.
  • paulrpaulr Posts: 1,176Member
    PB I used CCP2 for 3 years doing aerial mast photography,Sometimes other products are just better and offer more facilities. I support Nikon but their software programs leave a lot to Be desired.
    Camera, Lens and Tripod and a few other Bits
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