Upgrade from D5600 to D500?



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    This is quite an old thread, I wonder what purchase webmastadj went with.

    NSXTypeR said:

    I guess that makes sense, but then why not go all in and go with the D810 instead of the D500? Maybe it doesn't have the FPS or the speed you want?

    The AF of the D500 blows the 810 out of the water. Not sure what he is shooting but the AF is an order of magnitude better. That its rumored that the 810 replacement will have the D500/D5 AF system is really good news for many folks.

    Now I do see the advantage to the D810 for it's large megapixels which is awesome for cropping and large printing; but with the 20MP of the D500, it will force me to focus on getting the shot right the first time. I try to never crop any of my images.

    I crop my D500 all the time. In fact I have the lower button set for easy switching to the 1.3x crop mode on both my D500 and D810. Maybe you will need to crop less if you shoot with zooms, but with primes it's extremely helpful. What I am trying to say is never say never, especially now that you have a camera (D500) that can utilize built in crop modes so you don't have to waste time in post cropping.
    I definitely see the benefits of the D500, but honestly I think a D7500 would be more than enough camera for me right now. Having that flash is quite handy, although that pro body never hurts.
    DaveyJ said:

    To NSXTypeR. Having owned many medium and large format and the D700 some time ago, I question the ascertion that FX is clearly superior to DX. I have used the D750 and D800 and did not see advantages to me with the FX format. In my work depth of,field and not wrecking a photo with diffraction is one of the requirements. The favorite cameras for me are the D500 and D7200. The other gear we use is not made by Nikon and in aerial and UW they are required gear. They too are not running 80 megapixel images yet. But with DJI now owning Hasselblad that too may change. One thing I truly admire on the D500 is autofocus! Accurate as all get out and faster....

    Personally, different equipment needs for different folks. If he needs the reach, DX is the way to go for cheap. I shoot DX too, but with recent Z6/Z7 developments, the longevity of DX DSLRs is questionable, as much as I hate to say. That's not to say that instantly makes DX cameras obsolete, but it's something to think about when investing in gear. Quite honestly, there may not be a refresh of the D500.
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    My advice is more basic: Don't sell your D5600 to your girlfriend Give it to her. Invest first in the human relationship, not in the inanimate object relationship.
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    I like that Don.
    Always learning.
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    My advice is more basic: Don't sell your D5600 to your girlfriend Give it to her. Invest first in the human relationship, not in the inanimate object relationship.

    If he did not charge his girlfriend for the D5600, then I think its the opposite...she must be giving it to him :D
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    I got to use the D500 finally in Papua New Guinea this month, and it was outstanding for the birds of paradise there :) Excellent camera for sure.
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    On of the things I like about the D500 is the larger viewfinder than you typically find in DX bodies.
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    To all:

    It is funny that this thread got resurrected. I am still using the D500 and loving it; it was the best choice for me. I have been eying the D850 but not sure if I want to spend the money on it right now. Kind of waiting for it to drop in price (at least a free grip and $300 off) or maybe go with the new mirrorless once they get the trinity and some longer lenses out (200-500 comes to mind). Also looking forward to the new 120-300mm f/2.8. I was thinking about picking up a 300mm f/2.8 prime, but that zoom is tempting especially if it is priced right. I am hoping the same price as the 300mm prime or another $500. I doubt that will be the case. Only time will tell...I have been happy with what I have so far.

    What I have shot with the D500 so far? My main focus has been boudoir and nature photography. I have also shot some night photography, street (which I also really enjoy), done a wedding, and a few events. I rented the D850 for the wedding and used it in tandem with the D500. They make a great pair with basically the same button layouts.

    As for the girlfriend, without devolving too much, we have hit a very critical rough time and are trying to work through it. Not sure what will happen but I am hopeful. And no, it wasn't because she paid me for the camera. Although thinking back, I just should have gave it to her. I did buy her a few lenses among other things. ;)

    Anyways, thanks guys for the help in the past and it was great flash back reading this post.
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