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I tried a search for books on NRF but everything lead to the old forum or book dedicated to a specific camera.

Does anybody have recommandation for books covering those subjects :

- The visual and emotional immersion of the viewer in a photography
Not only the way the eye of the viewer is scanning the image and pulled to the main subject...

- The art appreciation theories
I know it's a cultural dependant thing and will vary with the "epoque" (history periods) but how do you create an emotion to the viewer?

I think this should be the first subjects to be explored by aspiring photographers. Being a rather rational mechanical engineer, I'm sure this would benefit my work as a photographer. I can't rely on my single opinion or personal observations to pretend knowing how things work in that field.

If you have better subjects to suggest feel free to post either. Oh wait! Why not share your personal theories too?!

Thanks in advance
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