D810 intermittent video recording fault

Hi all, my D810 is suffering from and intermittent video recording fault. I get it all setup ready to go for video, correct settings and live view is on then press the button and it doesn't record.

It's 23 months old and I rarely use the video mode. Found that if I remove and refit the battery or lens or tripod mount it sometimes starts recording. If that doesn't work a gentle tap seems to get it going. Heat, use, card type, or settings is not the issue.

It went to the repairer today under a warranty but I'm wondering if something has come loose internally and if it's due to design or manufacturing fault. Has anyone had to deal with this.

As a stills camera it's brilliant, never skipping a beat.

Any relevant advise would be greatly appreciated.


  • paulrpaulr Posts: 1,176Member
    Hi had the same problem sent it back to Nikon Uk but they could not find a fault. I use it with a Atomos Blade . it would be interesting if anybody else has had the same problem. Problem is you never know when its going happen. I re-set to default factory settings and it seems to solve the problem.
    Camera, Lens and Tripod and a few other Bits
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