National Museum of US Air Force, Dayton Ohio

Need a camera friendly, target rich, indoor shooting environment? The US Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio has over a million square feet of indoor displays over 4 giant hangers. Just spent three days there on Spring Break with my Son.

Arrive when it opens at 9 AM for almost zero crowds. We bailed out about noon as the crowds got in the way of shooting.

If you are into aircraft and lots of them this is the place. They have everything from pre WW1 to Today and there no admission charge!

Used mostly the Nikon 14mm to 24mm F/2.8 and 24mm to 70mm F/2.8 and occasionally the DX 10.5mm F/2.8 on my D4 and D800E. Light is dramatic/low and ISO will be high, shutter will be slow and apertures wide open... Typically ISO 2200 at 1/50 F/2.8.

Denver Shooter


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    Sounds cool, thanks for the tip DenverShooter.
    Always learning.
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    Sounds like a fun place!
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    I love going there. Highly recommend bringing a tripod (they are okay with tripods as long as you are careful). Plan on taking a solid 4 hours if not much longer.
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