Arca Swiss C1 Cube Rolls Royce or Rip off?

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Having owned and used different types of geared heads The Arca Swiss C 1 Cube is renowned as the best money can buy. Well in movements, precision and angles I would agree. If you do macro work this head can position the camera in virtually any position, and one set up and locked there is no movement anywhere. It can be used on location due to weight been acceptable unlike the Manfrotto 400 series at three times the weight. I use it with the Nikon PB-6 rail so that if I need to do stack shots I can move the camera with very small increments of movements.Needless to say a good solid tripod is mandatory . So for me its a Rolls Royce.
arca C1
Arca Swiss C1 Cube
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Camera, Lens and Tripod and a few other Bits


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