What is the largest blowup you have printed from a P900 camera?

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Could the P900 or it's replacement be the only camera for a trip?

I would love to take only one camera on trips, but I always get hung up on image quality and zoom range. My hang up is probably just in my head, but so far I carry two cameras each with a different zoom. The thought of a single camera sounds really good. But, what about image quality?
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    paulr has the P900 and posted some pics a while back. They looked pretty good. Maybe you can get a original file from him to look at.
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    RMP If you look at Flickr at the P900 group there are some great shots, The Nikon B700 sort of took over with an increase in mega pixels RAW image and 4K, downside was reach only 1440 against 2000 and 2.8 against 3.3 If Nikon are bringing out a new P900 it will be interesting to see the spec. In good light conditions I have printed up to A2 without any problems.These camera s just make value for money and are very Light !!!!!.Something the traveller must always consider in view that airlines are starting to only allow one in lens in your cabin suitcase.
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