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Hi Folks,

I am seriously cogitating on making the jump to Capture One Pro. The demo software readily imports my Aperture files and its pretty easy to get my head around using (unlike LR or PS: Can you say user hostile interface? I can.).

Any words to the wise from someone who has done it? Did you signup for the yearly maintenance agreement? How's the support?

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    Can't speak much to using it but I've actually downloaded it twice with good intentions. Just never had the time to wrap my head around it. I have always heard that it was better than LR with skin tones.
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    I switched a little over a year ago. I purchased out right. I'm still on version 9. It's $99 to upgrade to 10, but all minor versions 9.1, 9.2 etc... are free. The interface is super customizable so you can customize panels to your workflow. Remove the ones you don't need or setup a B+W workspace for instance. Support has been good when I've used it. Usually answer within a few hours if I put in my ticket in the morning (I'm in the US, I think they are in EU.)

    I switched because of LR performance with my D810 files. LR was so slow to bring up the 1x1 full sized zoom view. Also had a bug and started taking 10 minutes to open the program up before I could do anything. The RAW editor is better IMO and working with color is spectacular in C1.

    If you still have the trial I would consider watching some of their webinars. They are long, but teach you how to use the program. They have a ton of them on their Youtube channel.
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    Interesting. I hate PS with a passion for its chaotic GUI but LR I find easy-peasy except for the early part of getting my head round the file handling.

    My PS expert friend dismissed Capture One when he compared it to PS, but he is young... ;)

    I will be watching this thread with interest.
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    Always learning.
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    So far I have been impressed with Capture One. I have been able to successfully import my existing Aperture libraries and the workflow with its RAW import hasn't made me nuts. Tools are intuitive and the layout is understandable. They have a workshop in Albuquerque, NM in June which I might check out.

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