D500 Focus Finetune failure

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Has anyone else experienced this with the D500

When trying to FFT a 500mm f4 on the D500 you immediately notice that it is grossly forward focusing, prior to any adjustment. Yet when you try to FFT the lens, nothing happens; +20 looks the same as-20. Both my buddy and I with different lenses and D500s have experienced this problem. I sent my camera back Nikon for adjustment and it FFT great. We are awaiting the return of my buddies from Nikon to try again

Has anyone experienced a camera failure as it relates to FFT. Is this a common problem?


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    I had some issues getting it to AFFT my 18-140 in the field.. .. but that was my fault for not reading the manual...

    So no, not really.. i think i have about 10 or so lenses set up in my D500 now..
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