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To you guys out there with PocketWizards;

Using a set of MiniTT1/AC3/FlexTT5 on my D800 and D810, how much control do I have over the speed lights I have, which are one SB-900 and two SB-5000s?

Will I be able to properly control the flash strength using the AC3 in whatever banks I define?

And, as for sync speed, are there any limitations?
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    I have not used the AC3 with my speedlights (I have a SU-800). From the research that I did there were no issues from a performance standpoint and I really wish I would have tested one out before getting the SU-800.

    For the sync question, here was the only thing that I could find:

    "Flash Sync Speed - Custom Camera Setting
    When using a Nikon camera and ControlTL radios, the camera's "Flash Sync Speed" setting must be set to the slower shutter speed of the two "Auto FP" options. This setting can be found in the "Bracketing/Flash" Custom Settings menu."

    This is typically 1/250.
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