What is your shutter count ?

What is your shutter count? I was reading online some people have D800s with a shutter count of 5,000 or less and yet they are trading in their cameras for a D850. To me, that isn't using the camera enough to justify it. I have a D500 that I purchased in March of this year and it has a shutter count over 13,000! My girlfriend's D5600 has over 14,000 which again was purchased in January of this year.

Condering I am on the path of 20,000 shutter count for a year, I am curious what everyone's average is?


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    I haven't checked my D7000, I definitely think it has over 10,000 actuations, probably closer to 20,000.

    Based on this thread from the old forum, my D40 had 28,077 actuations when it died on me.


    Interesting to see a lot of the posters from the old thread are still active. PB_PM, MsMoto, IronHeart, tcole1983, PistnBroke, heartyfisher and donaldjose to name a few.

    Edit- from IronHeart in the other thread to figure out shutter count.
    Ironheart said:

    On the Mac, open the jpg in Preview -> Tools -> Show Inspector
    In the window that pops-up, click on the circle with the "i" ("more info") and select "Nikon". Shutter count is right there. :-B

    My D7000 has 18,293 actuations. I got my D7000 in January of 2013, so I've really owned it for around 4 years.

    On the other hand, my D40 I used from 2008 up through January 2013. I think I used the D40 far more just because I had more time to go on vacations... :(
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    D810, if memory serves me right, around 50 000.
    Not planning to upgrade anytime soon. Although the D850 does look very sweet and tempting, there are other items I feel a larger need for.
    The D810 recently died on me, but warranty is pretty strong in Norway (5 years), so no cost to fix it.
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    @NSXTypeR 28,000 doesn't seem like a lot from where I am coming from. Do you still use both the D7000 and the D40 or just the D7000? Thanks to the link to the link to the older post.

    @Gjesdal D810 going out at 50,000 doesn't seem very high either. The D500 is supposedly rated for 200,000. I would hope the D810/D850 would be the same if not more.

    If the D500 does in fact get 200,000 shutter actuations, that is a cost of $0.01 per shot. Based on the thread started by @NSXTypeR, if you get the shutter replaced on the D500 at $400 and it gives you 200,000 more, that would be only $0.006 per shot.

    Lol, I guess I am a rare bread of putting 13,000+ only after six months. At least I am getting my money out of the "investment."
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    Reality can limit photography time, unless you work as a pro. My older cameras got a good workout, when I was younger and had more free time, while my newer cameras have low shutter counts. I've had my D750 for 2 1/2 years, don't think I've hit 10k yet.
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    Well over 300k on my D800. It is due for a second refurb. I will just get a D850.
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    @PB_PM I can see how life can get in the way. Currently I am taking photos I think every weekend and sometimes during the week. Maybe that will slow down eventually.

    @WestEndFoto When did you get it refurb'ed and what did it cost?
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    PB_PM said:

    Reality can limit photography time.

    I waited three years for the D400, and not long before the D500 finally arrived, our first child also arrived, so I had to stop going to most of the races and athletics meetings that I wanted to use the camera for. So, just 9100 clicks in 15 months.

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    The reason D800 have such low counts is becasuse they are so noisy..I use mine only with a 14mm and take about 40 at every wedding.

    Shutter count means nothing ..you just set it to what you want when you sell it with the right software ...oops
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    My ten pennyworth - D810 on 20.5k since 06/15 (2 yrs +); D700 on 21.9k since 05/12 (5 yrs + although most would have been shot before I got the D810 so probably over 3 yrs). Not high nos. for either body I guess. No where near those figures though re 'keepers' as a lot of burst shooting when on the golf course or watching the local cricket games. Often shoot 4 - 5 frames but only use 1 if I've nailed the ball at impact. If I miss that shot I select the next best from the other frames. Interesting topic this one. I too didn't like the sound of the D810 dying at 50k!
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    I shoot around 50k a year. When my first camera is over 100k I start thinking about buying a new one and let the first camera become the second one. I am trying to think about what I am shooting a little bit more so that my first camera can last three instead of two years. I also try to buy new cameras when the model is old so that I can get a better price and hopefully less risk for problems.
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    My d3200 is at 61787 and my d7200 which I have had for about a year and a half is at 31746.
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    Shooting style plays a big role in shutter count. When I first started shooting ice skating and horse shows I would take shots of the skaters doing spins and other maneuvers when there backs were facing me. The skaters liked them because it showed how well they performed the maneuvers and they knew it them because of their outfit. Now I primarily shoot them when they are coming out of a spin or jump, etc.. I shot a ice skating show in June with a friend. We were on opposite sides of the rink. Afterwards we were going through our images and he had shot over 1800 shots compared to my 750. By the time he culled all of the out of focus and shot with the skaters back to him we were within a hundred shots of each other.

    Getting back to the question, my three D810's I use for work are 48,000, 39,000 and 22,000. Two D500 are around 25,000 each. These were replacements after my other D810's were stolen. Two of them had shutter counts over 210,000 and 208,000 with the third just over 100,000. Shutter counts are in someways irrelevant. All of the D810's that were stolen had tape holding the card door shut, two had dents on the bottom from sqeezing into tight spaces or being dropped, and two the battery door broken. All of these would affect value but were still working flawlessly.
    My personal D810's are all under 30,000 as they are replacements as well.
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    D800E: 74k. Many of those were from aurora time lapse series I shot in Alaska. Leaving the camera out in the cold all night (with AC adapter) speaks highly for the durability of the machine.
    D7200: 10k.
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    My primary D500 has about 120k on it in 16 months and I have had a fairly slow year.. I normally start a new folder for processed images every 10k clicks and it is normally a new folder every 3-4 weeks..
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    @NSXTypeR 28,000 doesn't seem like a lot from where I am coming from. Do you still use both the D7000 and the D40 or just the D7000? Thanks to the link to the link to the older post.

    No, the shutter for the D40 failed right after that, that's why I got my D7000.
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