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Does anyone have any experience with the new Siggy 100-400. I have a Nikon AFS 70-300 and would like a bit more reach and sharpness on the long end. The 200-500 5.6 seems to me to be a bit too much on several different fronts. Size and weight foremost.


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    Not much info on the Sigma. I just read a review of the new 70-300 Nikkor. The reviewer did like the reach of the Sigma more of course, but the Nikkor is sharper. And AF is faster.
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    I have been keeping an eye on the sigma 100-400 reviews ... so far it looks like a great lense optically .. other than a few weakneses looks great.

    as far as i know the 2 main weaknesses are
    1) the aperture at 400 is a bit dark and evening shoots will mean that you will have to pack up earlier.. or switch lenses
    2) although acquiring focus with static subjects is quite good.. it really falls over with moving subjects .. so BIF or action sports is not what you will be using this lense for.

    Not to sound negative but those 2 weakneses are very minor if you consider all the uses this lense could be used for.. and its weight and size..

    Yea i am still considering it but the new afp 70-300 may be a better choice in some cases in-spite of it being shorter. Its your own personal subjects and interest that you will need to consider.

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    I tried that lens for three days. I sent it back, conclusion for me is I thought it was usable, but not enough improvement over my Nikon 70-300s. The whole situation changed when I bought the 200-500 and then decided to add the D7500. The results were so impressive that I felt the Sigma 100-400 Contemporary although a nice inexpensive lens was not enough incentive to try another Sigma. I think my 10-20 Sigma DX is amazing, but have seen maybe better results with the less expensive new DX Nikon 10-20. Now I did also try the newest 70-300 AF-P FX Nikon. I thought that was a great lens, and I personally would take it over the Sigma 100-400.
    I also found the 100-400 Sigma was fairly slow in attempts at very fast focus, so BIF outdoors be pretty tough, just saw some D7200 shots of Blue Heron taking off and those were done with the 150-600 Tamron, so,it can be done, but it like always depends on who, where and how. The new 70-300 AF-P FX lens is the only one Nikon has ever made I do not yet own.
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