C# s/w interface to D3?

Greetings...new member here (handle's "zbigbeer" name's Sam). I'm writing a software interface to control a Nikon D3 camera. It'll be written in C# and called from a Window's Form application (thick client). My needs are simple...snap a picture then display it on-screen and, once satisfied, probably do some cropping and then save to disk as a JPG. Any input on where exactly to start would be appreciated. About all I know right now is that I will connect the camera to my PC via USB...but the User's Manual doesn't appear to even provide a list of supported commands so I'm really starting at square one. Links to example C# code or other online resources would likely prove helpful. This will be installed in a lab and will be used to take pictures of kidney stones that are sent to my employer company for processing.
Thanks very much...


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