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I am sure some members of NR have at some time have complimented going to DMF, and balanced the virtues both negative and positive of using such a system. I was familiar with medium format with film cameras such as Hasselblad, Mamiya and Linhoff, so the concept was not new to me. 35mm has so many avenues that the photographer can take, so I think anybody looking at DMF should not move completely, but work with which system suits the images taken.
The reason I have added DMF is for purely my own photography. The time to set-up mainly on tripods to get maximum DOF is part of the process of using the DFM . You either love it or hate it. For me the set-up time is part of the pleasure composing the image with a clear view on the digital back is quite amazing.The machine gun effect that some photographers use with 35mm just does not apply.Hence it will suit everybody.Down side is clearly cost, weight, limited lenses unlike 35mm and low ISO numbers. Shallow DOF which can be a bonus and lenses that cost serious money.I took 5 years sit on the fence not sure what to do, and I having to relearn some of the hardships I had to endure with MF film. Having said that, it as opened a new and different path again in my photography.One I intend to enjoy.
The good news is the quality these cameras can give is astounding , but you are more meticulous in your workflow to get the maximum these cameras can produce.So for me its a "yes".
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    What do you shoot with it and when do you use it?

    I've looked into it several times over the years, but not actually used it. Can't say I've been very tempted, there are so many other things I'd get before it, but mainly think to myself "do you want a new camera or travel somewhere?"
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    I took a close look at Phase One this spring. I am surprised how many people I run into that use it - or perhaps I run in a small circle. I think that the only medium format game in town is Phase One. The rest I regard as "fake" or "medium format lite". If I am going to go into medium format, I want to go all in.

    As it stands now, a 100 megapixel body plus three lenses is about a $100k in Canada. There are financing options, but then I am just paying someone else more in the long run.

    I have to think that it would be more competitive if there was more than one supplier. I have often wondered what a Nikon medium format would look like with Nikon ergonomics.

    I have spent a lot of money on photography in the last year and could have gone the Phase One route if I sacrificed my IT, lighting etc. in addition to the Nikon gear that I bought. But instead I went the route I chose (new Nikon gear and photography infrastructure) and will re-evaluate it in 5 to 10 years or if Nikon comes out with medium format.
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    Gjesdal I use a PhaseOne XF with a 1Q160 with a 45 and 80LS lens Bought to do landscapes and some studio work but mainly self indulgence Photography.
    Will still continue to use 35mm systems due to a large amount of lenses I keep, looked at selling but no point due to poor prices offered I managed to find a Uk dealer who was very helpful and sold me the system at shall we say not silly prices.
    WEF we all make choices.,If I had continued with 35mm i know i would have still at some stage wanted DMF, so I bought it now, while I can still get out and enjoy it. I seem to be going through a stage when I seem to be loosing good friends, and it puts a different perspective on Life, sometimes.
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    That is an important difference in our perspectives. I understand that.
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    @paulr I had the same camera and switched to the Fuji GFX 50 earlier this year. You have made a great purchase, it is truly a great camera. Their lense selection is somewhat limited but they had the selection I needed. I have access to the camera through work and still have the 45, 80 and 120 macro, 150. The 150 is a excellent portrait lense. I switched to Fuji because I shoot mostly landcapes and wanted a lighter weight system for hiking to locations. For shorter hikes I will still take the Phase One. I do like the GFX and very pleased with the the images it produces. The IQ from the Fuji is better than my D810 and D850. Roughly 70% increase in sensor size results in better IQ. 250% from Phase One is significantly better. Fuji has plans to release a series of GFX cameras with larger MP's/sensor and I will evaluate then if I will stay with them or go back to Phase One.

    I am sorry to hear about you losing some of your friends. The past year has been hard for me and my family and has changed all of our perspectives. We never really think about our morality until we stare it down ourselves or lose a close friend(s).

    Enjoy your new camera.
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    Thanks for the kind words vtc2002 I know two Fuji ambassadors who have nothing but praise for the GFX. I held back on the Fuji due to a rumour that a 100+mp camera was going to be announced and probably with 4k video. I still think there is a use for both formats 35mm and DMF, however the 35mm camera now feels quite small to handle after using the P1.
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    I still think there is a use for both formats 35mm and DMF

    I agree and I believe will be that way for some time.
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    Having owned MANY medium format cameras, and a whole fleet of large format, I would warn those thinking of embarking on such a path.....expensive, slower, and certainly having spent more than I care to print in that arena, a complete waste of time and money. I owned Hassys, Mamiyas, Fujis, Linhoffs, Zone 6, Horseman, Schneider, Rodenstock, Calumet. The only ONE I miss is the Fuji GX 617. I'd rather have a Nikon D500 or a D850, or even a D7500 and some good lens! Fortunately I stopped metering with expensive spot meters and started using Nikon F5 and lens.....the 35mm ended up,being often more useful,than the big photos!
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