Mirror vs Mirrorless

I have never used my mobile camera simply because I hate to compose a picture on an lcd screen. For more than 55 years, I have been used to SLR cameras and the idea of seeing a subject and composing is real unlike composing it on a lcd screen or monitor. Checking depth of field, sharpness, composition, angle of view, perspective observing critical expression is all real when you view through the actual view finder rather than with live view!. Besides, I guess that the mirrorless cameras are going to consume more battery and the sensor life is going to be short just as we change our mobiles very frequently these days. Even the Apple's touch screen has failed many times and the live view has disappeared! Humidity and dust causes lots of problem!? I feel that the SLR should remain as such and mirror less for those who prefer to carry less weight. I think, I will give up photography once and for all, if DSLR disappears!


  • sportsport Posts: 21Member
    In the early 2000's I owned some of the Olympus uz cameras. One of the things that I miss from those cameras was the ability to view menus while looking thru the viewfinder. I could also chimp images on the viewfinder. There are some advantages to having an evf.

    Lastly, I don't think slr's are going to be extinct anytime soon.
  • EricBowlesEricBowles Posts: 16Member
    I think you're mixing up viewfinder cameras with no viewfinder cameras rather than mirrorless vs. mirror cameras. You're right - the LCD is not always the best tool whether for a mirrorless camera or LiveView. But an Electronic Veiwfinder (EVF) is an option on many cameras. It's possible to have an EVF on a camera with a mirror because there are some benefits - especially if you have a choice.

    Think of a future viewfinder as a heads up display - closer to what a pilot uses than a 100% visual viewfinder. It can and should have all the benefits of a visual viewfinder, but let me also have the ability to use an EVF for magnified viewing, zooming, histograms, and focus peaking all through a viewfinder. It's not new technology - just not available in a top DSLR today. Nikon had most of this in the V1.
  • retreadretread Posts: 393Member
    If a mirrorless has a view finder I can use at eye level like a DSLR and use the same lenses and accessories as my DSLR I may add one to my kit when they prove themselves. The best of both worlds. If not I really am not interested in mirrorless.
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