?: 300mm f/2.8 VRII vs. 300mm f/4E PF VR

Hello everyone!

I was wondering what thoughts you have on the 300mm f/4 PF in comparison to the 300mm f/2.8 VRII.

Obviously the cost is much lower for the f/4 version, but the thing that interests me the most is overall sharpness given everything else equal. Does the PF version stack up to the f/2.8?

I know sharpness is a large encompassing term and there are many variables (i.e. hand holding skills, subject movement, settings etc.) but do you think that the f/2.8 is priced at its amount due to the fact that it is a faster lens, has better IQ, better build etc? And if so, how would you compare the 2 side by side for IQ?

The only pro lenses I have ever tested side by side were the 70-200mm VR I vs. the 300mm f/2.8 non VR and even though the 70-200 was superb, I felt the 300mm overall was just a step up. Was wondering if the same incremental performance might be similar with the 300mm PF VR vs. the 300mm f/2.8 VR.

Thanks so much for your opinions! They are very helpful :-)




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    The 300mm F2.8G VRII is a killer lens, if you can handle the weight. Stopped down to F5.6-F8 I doubt you'd see any difference between it and the PF, unless it's on a D850 maybe. At F2.8-F4, it's no contest ;) . The F2.8 also has snappier focus, if that is important.
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    That 300 AFS f/4 D is a great lens for the money

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    I agree framer. I won't be getting rid of my D lens anytime soon. Light and sharp.
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