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Had a couple of the 622n not TX and tested out fine a couple of years ago but now trying to get them going on The D810 just is not working . Its like the one to the rear is not firing within the 1/60th interval ..its black .I usually put one behind the B and G to light up the background and light the B and G with the flash on the camera but it just is not having it with the D810. Have had guns that work with the D800 ( MK 300) that wont work with the D810 any ideas. SB 400 on the camera and Yn565 on the remote
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    I bought a yn622n TX and it worked perfect BUT while the remote flash is not problem (the one behind the bride) how do I mount the other receiver and flash over the camera lens ?? It does not seem to like any cables connected ...one step forward two steps back ...wht fun
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