The old 28mm PC shift lens—still relevant?

Has anyone used the 28mm (or the 35mm) PC to take pictures of buildings lately? Are they at all sharp enough for the 24-36mp Nikons? Or has history closed the page on them?
I've found myself shooting more buildings and it bugs me personally to have to correct the distortion from tilting my camera upward. A lens that shifts would solve my problem, right?
Can't justify the purchase of one of the new tilt-shift lenses, but the older ones that are shift-only, no tilt, are affordable for me.


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    The older model PC lenses are hard to find in a compatible mount, since they were all pre-AI from the factory. Mounting pre-AI lenses will damage the AI metering prong on all digital cameras, except those that lack them; D40/40x/D60/D3xxxx series and D5xxx series. Without an AI conversion they will not work on modern cameras. Also, since the optics date back to the 1960-1970s, they aren't exactly top notch optically speaking.
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