D850 + Sigma Art primes

It was reported that the D850 has focus issues with the outer focus points but not with the center point.

I can confirm I have this issue with the 50mm. Using the viewfinder the center point is focused and sharp at 1.4 but the outer focus points are soft and out of focus. Using Live view this is not an issue.

It was suggested to update the firmware on the lens. I updated the dock`s firmware then mounted the lens. However the sigma software says that my lens is updated with FW 1.00 but sigma's site says the latest is 1.01. Can you guys check yours? I'm on mac so if i have to borrow a windows computer to update the firmware I will go that route.



  • NoemiFNoemiF Posts: 1Member
    No updates on PC/Windows either. I have the same problem with both Sigma 85mm 1.4 art, 50mm 1.4 art lenses and also tried the 35mm 1.4 lenses with similar results. Sigma says to send in my lens for calibration, nikon says it is not their problem until the camera works fine with nikon lenses...
  • vtc2002vtc2002 Posts: 364Member
    I checked my 85 and 135 and they both have FW 1.01. I am using Windows 10. I did not have a focus isuue before updating but did update the firmware anyway.
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