D500 owners: what flash system are you using?

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Hi Guys,

I am considering going the D500 route but amongst the considerations for me (on a tight budget) is that it has no pop-up flash and I don't want to also have to buy a couple of SB5000's to replace my SB700's.

Are you using an IR trigger with optically coupled flashes or have you gone the SB5000 route? If so, what trigger are you using?

I suppose I can still use my flashes on camera with one wired and the other slaved to it, but really bright sun does make this set-up unreliable. Trouble is, two new flashes and a trigger for when I use them on stands is an 'ouch' for my wallet.
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    I did get the SB 5000 for my D500 but am not much help. I only use flash rarely for fill and am still in the learning stage.
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    As you may remember I was fairly unhappy that the D500 did not have a built in flash...

    I have still not bought anything to "fill the gap". I still use my SB800 on it. But my research has me looking at the "Godox X1N-T Wireless Trigger" as a nice option to work with my stuff. I may even get a godox flash to add to the "system". I have not tested it out yet so .. not sure how good a setup it is.. but I may soon get it. The godox system seems to have a good growth path too...
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    2 Yongnuo YN-685 with the YN-622N TX controller (for 3 groups). Lookup the specs, everything you need, but it is no master flash. In Holland € 360.- bought them for € 200.- (ex € 14.- for shipping) in England.


    I only use off camera flash. If you want studio lights working together with flashes, Yongnuo is not the way to go, no "growpath in place". I have YN-585EX's, only no HSS, working without problems for a long time now and still going strong.

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    Godox Pro-N is the new one Hearty.
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    Thanks guys. I do remember the pop-up flash thread Hearty, yes.

    I had bad news from the place I normally part-ex with, only £1210 for my D7100 and D750 so my next body may be mirrorless. I am pretty keen on the D7500 with its pop-up flash and mostly better ergonomics but I wanted the AF of the D500 :-(
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    I just picked this set up back in September. I don't use a flash a ton and didn't want to spend lots on it, but I have been really impressed.

    So far no issues, although I haven't used it a ton. It comes with lots and the quality seems to be pretty good. I don't know about long term reliability, but it is rated high.

    I got mine from Amazon warehouse for under $100 and it came like new.

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    I have been using SB-700s with the Nikon commander. I had the commander from purchasing the micro flash kit so it was an easy choice. Also been using Wescott Rapid boxes with the SB700s (26" octane, 20" octane, and Strip).

    The commander works for indoor and outdoor but just with direct line of sight. You can bounce it off walls indoors. Yet I am looking for radio triggers for outdoor and around corners. The ones I am eying are the RadioPopper Jr2. Curious if anyone else has any experience with these triggers?
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