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Hello all. I do semi-professional photography in North America, mostly event photography. I say semi-professional because I have a full-time job as a director of operations and events manager. Still, I use all professional gear and my typical gig bag is valued at $15,000 for a single job. That is a lot to be carrying around and, if for no other reason than feeling better, I am interested in getting equipment insurance. I have seen that some professional organizations offer members insurance with options for upgrading that coverage.

Firstly, what are the top professional organizations? Largest? Most recognized? Most prestigious? I figure it can’t hurt to display organizations for marketing purposes.

Secondly, what are your thoughts on these insurance coverages? Those included with membership? Those purchased for additional coverage? Those purchased without affiliation with (independent of) an organization?

I am an educator, so I could qualify for education discounts with many organizations. As a part-time, semi-professional photographer, I am trying to balance annual income versus membership/insurance. I’ll probably get some kind of insurance regardless of organization. Still, would love your thoughts!


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    Check your homeowners insurance company. I am paying 1% of my gear cost for full coverage (including dropping or incidental damage) with zero deductible.

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    Just watch if you used a rider on your home owners insurance, if you have a set number of free replacements, using them for commercially used (business use) camera gear could cause you to loose that.
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    Go to a proper photographers insurance company then any claims will not affect your house insurance and also get liability insurance in case of any complaints. Fit a floor safe. fit at least one of your cameras with a tracker.
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    I joined the british MPA ( and BIPP ) many years ago but found it a waste of time as it was run for the benefit of the Masons. I now put qualified with MPA, BIPP, RPS but don't pay the annual fee.. I still have the certificates to prove it .
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    I joined the british MPA ( and BIPP ) many years ago but found it a waste of time as it was run for the benefit of the Masons.

    The Masons run/benefit from the MPA & BIPP? Who knew?

    Can the Illuminati be far behind??

    Where is Robert Langdon when you need him??

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    Denver shooter ..I will just go lie in my coffin while I work that post out .....
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    I am also interested in this. I don't have a business license but would want liability insurance mostly for when I shoot with models but don't want to nessarerly put that on my home owners insurance.
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