Eneloop Pro

I have used Eneloop batteries for years. Ever since buying Eneloop Pro, I have had nothing but problems. The batteries are completely unreliable. Just when I think I've figured out which battery isn't holding a charge, it appears to be a different battery. It's really not great at all. I've had to set all Eneloop Pro batteries aside, and use only my standard (white) Eneloop.

I know that others have experienced similar issues. I was curious what people that use Nikon have experienced. I use the batteries in the battery grip for the D810.


  • PB_PMPB_PM Posts: 4,494Member
    Never tried the pro batteries, since they are rated to have a shorter life span than the white batteries. Recently switched to Amazon Basic Rechargeable batteries, which are just rebranded last generation Eneloop's. Work just as well and cheaper.
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