Freeze of Capture NXD

I recently upgraded computers to a Dell Latitude with windows 10. Redownloaded and installed Capture NX-D (version 1.4.6) and it worked fine the first day. Second day (and from then on) I can open it but I get an error message that I can't click out of, then NXD stops responding. I unstalled and reinstalled but same result. I am not a network administrator, and to do anything that requires administrator approval takes the IT person in another state and a remote connect. IT person does not have any photo software background.
Any quick fixes?


  • jeanfi12jeanfi12 Posts: 2Member
    edit: error says "Processing of the images is not complete. <<NL>> Do you want to finish processing these images before continuing?"
  • JakeTheSpotterJakeTheSpotter Posts: 1Member
    I have a very similar problem
    Cannot convert to JPG, after restarting NXD, I get the message and then the conversion is running.
    Also it happened after few days of working fine.
  • Video4uVideo4u Posts: 1Member
    I was having the same failure to execute the batch process to jpgs for over 18 months on Windows 10 machines. This has now settled down and seems to be resolved in the release of Nov 2017. However, it now just locks up on launch with Program Not Responding after a few uses. The only way to resolve, I have found, is to completely uninstall and reinstall then it works for a day or two. Come on Nikon.. Sort it out. Am downloading the March 2018 release now to see if that has rectified the issue!
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