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So, having received the quote for my latest repairs, and also seeming to not be able to keep a tight hold of my equipment (drunk or sober), I need to get it insured.
Who would you recommend? I need to be able to have it covered for trips abroad occasionally, but mostly in the UK


  • HarassedHarassed Posts: 1Member
    Mine is covered under my household contents policy with accidental damage home and away ( theft also included ). Individual items under £1500 do not have to be specified. In excess of £1500 they have to be specified though not necessarily incurring an additional premium.

    Hope this helps, regards
  • trolleytrolley Posts: 184Member
    That certainly helps. I'll look into that. It seems that I can insure my guitars & amps more cheaply than my camera gear - yet they're more expensive & includes public liability insurance!
  • PistnbrokePistnbroke Posts: 2,333Member
    Best to keep it separate from your house or if you claim you loose your discount. When I recently got robbed they just looked at about £15k worth of Nikons and put them back in the case...Smartwater labels everywhere !! I was lucky just looking for cash and jewellery...Now got a giant floor safe and laminated glass ground floor windows .Make sure you put your phone No and name in the Copyright Memory so you can identify the camera if its lost and found. Just google camera insurance.
  • paulrpaulr Posts: 1,176Member
    Towergate were the best quote I got when insuring my PhaseOne gear Tried most Uk brokers but nobody beat their price. Towergate were the best with very good service. I have no affiliation with this company just a customer .
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