Tamron 100-400



  • Capt_SpauldingCapt_Spaulding Posts: 524Member
    Thanks. I can probably manage the weight of the 200-500. If the performance of the Tamron was close enough to it, I might be persuaded. It could still happen. I appreciate your having done the heavy lifting here. (no pun intended) I'll be looking forward to any additional reactions you have to the lens. Best.
  • PistnbrokePistnbroke Posts: 2,030Member
    Going to France to the Somme bird sanctuaries April 2nd which will be the first big test ..Some of the back yard shots I did yesterday on my favorite targets were the best I have ever seen ...going to test 100-400 on d850.D710 and V the 150-600 G1.
    We usually use the D7100 due to pixel density but what I saw yesterday from the D810 and 150% crop was amazing
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