A technique to get noise out.

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Just for fun. I avoid to carry a tripod around as much as possible (set to "never" actualy), so I'am experimenting technique's for dark and HI ISO noisy photo's. Maybe there are more who wants to experiment with this.

Make 3 to 5 photo's with the Hi speed camera mode and try to hold the camera as steady as possible, experiment with ISO's, shutterspeeds and apartures.

If they are good, load them in Photoshop: File>Scripts>Load Files into Stack.

(From Lightoom to Photoshop: Select All Photos.
Right Click and choose Edit In>Open as Layers in Photoshop).

Select all the layers in the Layers Palette
· Choose Edit>Auto-Align Layer
· Use the “Auto” Setting and uncheck “Geometric Distortion” and uncheck “Vignette Removal”

With all layers selected, right click and convert to smart objects.

Choose, Layers - smart objects - stack mode.
Use mean or Median when there are (small) movements.

Save. (make an action, then it is realy simple).

I also try the following in Lightroom :
Select the photo's, photo - photo merge - HDR (CTRL + H) to create a photo with (maybe?) more dynamic range and use the LR noise reduction. Use the - mask - function (with the ALT key) when you use the sharpening as well.

RAW is the best of course due to all the information in the photo's, but I try JPG's too.

Edit the photo as you normal do.
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  • spraynprayspraynpray Posts: 6,452Moderator
    What is your objective? I do something similar Ton, it is called noise averaging.
    Always learning.
  • Ton14Ton14 Posts: 625Member
    Nothing special, if you see that city night shot, don't have a tripod around but only a camera (any camera) you can do this.

    I thought I share it. Just fun.
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  • NikoniserNikoniser Posts: 100Member
    This is a good technique, although I don't find it that useful on a DLSR. The best use I have found is the Nikon 1. This can shoot a 20 shot burst at 60fps, so 1/3 of a second. This overcomes many of the sensor disadvantages of the N1, however overall acuity is still less than a DSLR.
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